Praying for our New Drivers

never static

As our oldest son wrote his knowledge test at driver’s services my mind started to race.  He’d studied for roughly two days.  A bunch of facts about road signs and hand signals crammed into his brain.  After this, after answering some questions on a computer screen, I could legally hand him the keys to our vehicle, sit in the passenger seat and say, “go!”

I don’t know why but my heart and mind didn’t compute all of this quite so succinctly until I was sitting there in those waiting room chairs along with dozens of cranky people who’d been waiting too long for whatever it is they were doing  that day.

As I waited,  my mind and heart turned to the Lord.  Handing him keys to a large vehicle, which he would have to maneuver through the crazy streets filled with maniacal drivers?  It was just too much.  One wrong…

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