Family Faith Nights at Ascension

“The family is, so to speak, the domestic church.”
Lumen Gentium #11

The development of our youth begins and ends with their families. Parents are the first catechists they ever know, and one of the biggest influences in their lives. The parish was never meant to replace the family in strengthening our teens’ faith lives; as if we ever could! Rather, we see our task as supporting the family, giving each member the tools they need to grow in their faith together.

For this reason, I am so proud to be able to offer Ascension Family Faith Nights, an opportunity for youth and their parents to pray together, share valuable time, and discuss their faith.

On the first Sunday of the month from 6:00-8:00 P.M., all high school-aged teens and their parents are invited to attend a youth-led prayer service, followed by dinner, and then separate workshops for youth and parents. The workshops will be on faith, life, or justice topics that are relevant to teens and parents, each tailored for the individual group. At the end of the night, the groups will reconvene for discussion amongst themselves and a final prayer.

I’m hoping that these events will strengthen families by helping youth and their parents to feel comfortable talking about faith with one another.


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