Youth Nights and Service

Our weekly youth nights are a chance for teens to get together at the end of a weekend to pray, relax, have a little fun, and prepare themselves for the coming week. What we do and what we discuss will be different from week to week – and will depend a lot on what the youth themselves want! But what will stay the same is the faith, fun and fellowship.

All high school-aged teens, including our eighth graders who just graduated, are invited to join us on Sunday nights from 7:00-9:00 in the Youth Room.

As part of our youth ministry, we’re also going to offer monthly service opportunities, both on and off Ascension’s campus. This might involve building a house one Saturday for Habitat for Humanity, writing cards for kids at Kosair, or helping with homework at a Boys and Girls Club. The possibilities are endless!
If you yourself know of an organization that could use some teen volunteers, shoot me a message on the “contact” page; we’re always looking for new opportunities!

God bless, and come back on Friday to hear about our ungathered ministries!


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