Ungathered Ministries

The second most important thing I’ve learned in youth ministry is this:: Not everyone goes to Youth Group. Now of course, this doesn’t mean that they’re not involved; all the teens I’ve ever known have been active in one thing or another: sports, music, theatre, volunteering, the list goes on. Furthermore, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have active faith lives; many of them pray, attend Mass regularly, serve as lectors and altar servers and even on committees. But they don’t go to youth group because it doesn’t fit their schedule, or it doesn’t meet their needs. And that’s okay!

Now, the most important thing I’ve learned is this: The kids who don’t go to Youth Group are still a part of youth ministry. And as their parish community, it’s our job to minister to them, and to make sure their needs are being met. And there are three main ways Ascension does that.

The first is through cards. Every teen who is registered in the parish will receive a card on their birthday, as well as thank-you cards for helping out in parish ministries and congratulations cards for noteworthy achievements.

The second is through social media, which includes Facebook, Instagram, and of course this blog.

And the third and largest way we support our youth is through prayer. Any adult in the parish is welcome to sign up to be a prayer partner with one teen. And we could always use your prayers in general for a thriving ministry. We ask you to please keep up with our events and programs, and pray that they go well.

God bless,


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