Organization Spotlight: Wayside Christian Mission

There are so many needs in our Louisville community, but there are also so many worthy organizations devoted to addressing those needs. Over the next few months, I hope to showcase as many of these places as I can, so that by looking into these organizations you can learn to discern your own unique gifts and where you can best serve.

Wayside Christian Mission offers a variety of programs, and could use  a variety of talents. Their mission is to tackle poverty and homelessness by addressing the root causes, including addiction, mental illness, and a lack of education and marketable skills.They offer a variety of services, including men’s, women’s, and family shelters, vocational and hands-on training, and residential drug and alcohol recovery programs.

There are a number of ways to get involved! You can serve meals at one of their shelters, coordinate an outing or movie night for the kids, assemble gift bags for residents, collect toiletries, assemble sack lunches for the Samaritan Patrol to take out to homeless camps – the possibilities are endless.

Lots of information is also available on their website,, including several client profiles. You can read about Adrian, who after celebrating twelve months of sobriety, was hired as a chef at the Seelbach Hotel; or Pamela, who is now earning a theology degree at Simmons College.
For more information about how you can get involved, you’re encouraged to attend a volunteer orientation on Saturday mornings at 10 at the Hotel Louisville.


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